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Young children will love creating, playing, and experimenting with different styles and looks while expanding their knowledge with color, texture and design using this sensory bin!


Each item included in this set has multi-purpose play packed in. They can use the test tube as a rolling pin to flatten the dough and wrap around the mannequin to create different dresses, shirts, and skirts. Open the test tube for small gem details to add to your design! Use the dough cutters to create designs on the dough “fabric” to create patterns. Use the glitter foam as a runway, a back drop, or use your own idea! Dough colors are in the primary family so that if combined, they can also create secondary colors. Mix dough for new color combinations and looks!


Through the use of the tools and their hands, children will use fine and gross motor skills. They will pinch and knead the dough, punch out small shapes and place them on dough. They will develop balance and movement and body awareness. When children are working as a group, they will communicate with their peers while they share tools or mix their dough with each other to create something new. They will inspire each other to try new ideas that they may not have thought of otherwise. They will develop a sense of self, develop important language skills, all by using this sensory kit and their senses. They will use different forms of touch, recognizing textures, size comparison, and more.


Kit Includes:

*1 mini mannequin

*1 glitter foam sheet 

*2 handmade sensory doughs

*1 clay tool

*3 dough stampers

*1 test tube rolling pin with gems

*1 embossing stamp

*and much, much more!

All items and colors vary from kit to kit and may not match photos exactly.

Dough has a 2 month shelf life due to the nature of the product.

Warning: Choking Hazard.  Kit contains small parts.  Not recommended for children 4 yrs and younger.




Fashion Sensory Kit

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